Strategy Study under Macro Environmental Factors in Urban Tourism Using SWOT & PESTLE Analysis (a case study: development of tourism in Yazd city)

Document Type : Research Article


1 Associated Professor of Geography and urban planning, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran

2 PhD Student of Geography and Urban Planning, University of Tehran, Iran

3 MS Student of Geography and Urban Planning, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran


 Nowadays, Tourism is the third largest economy in the world and has developed into one of the world’s most important industrial sectors, growing faster than the world’s gross domestic product for the last 30 years. Such a rapid development has been coupled with the negative impacts on the social and environmental aspects of the communities where tourism has developed. In current study regarding to the intity of topic, the dominant space of research is analytical and descriptive, that for providing the teoritical basis and a litrature reviw partake from documentary and liberary and field study methods. Statistical society of this research include 486152 of Yazd city, tourists and tourism autorities. Sample valuse calculated using cochran about 322 that include all of people with at least 18 years old. Used from cluster method for cillecting requered datas. In order to analysing datas has been useed SWOT & PESTLE. This study try to introduce this model to tourism planning studies in Iran.  Finally, this strategies presented: moving to electronic governance and presenting the services by internet, providing, guarantee the profits of capital return and etc.


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Strategy Study under Macro Environmental Factors in Urban Tourism Using SWOT & PESTLE Analysis (a case study: development of tourism in Yazd city)