Evaluation of the impacts of servicing-Spatial Capacities Treatment Centers on the Amount of Medical Tourism Case Study: Yazd city

Document Type : Research Article


1 Assistant Professor of Geography and Urban Planning, Yazd University

2 MA in Geography and Urban Planning


Nowadays tourism is one of the main service systems which has provided suitable environmental for all the nations apart from the development of them. The species that tourism has been interpreted to industry and it is the third profitable industry in the world after oil industry and automobile industry. Health tourism has one of the fastest fields in tourism industry. Because of many abilities in attraction of health tourism especially medical tourism, treatment purpose tourism and healthcare can achieve a big part of this market in all of world, for its reasonable qualified treatment services. Iran despite high potential has especially in the field of medical tourism due to the high quality and low cost treatment can be allocate an important part of this market. Despite the limitations of climate Yazd city, There is also the center of the country is very favorable for the development of health care and will provide a high level of service in the medical field. So, according to this topic and with a comprehensive plan it can be in the field of medical tourism on a global level. The purpose of this study is Evaluation of the impacts of servicing-spatial capacities treatment centers on the amount of medical tourism in Yazd city and determines the status toward development of city. This study is a descriptive- analysis that was conducted the survey. In this study, with field data collection determined that a high percentage of people admitted to hospital are not native that there is a good chance the field is in Yazd city. Also with use of T-test in the SPSS and the results of the questionnaire this result was achieved. The conclusion was that there is a significant relationship between medical tourism and capacity services – spatial and finally in this regard an offer was expressed.



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