Identification of citizenship factors affecting urban tourism development Case study: Yazd city

Document Type : Articles extracted from Thesis


1 M.Sc Student of Information Technology Engineering, Yazd University of Science and Art, Yazd, Iran

2 Assistant Professor of Industrial Management, Yazd University of Science and Art, Yazd, Iran

3 Assistant Professor of Business Management, Yazd University of Science and Art, Yazd, Iran


Urban tourism is a significant factor in development of cities and tourists always travel to visit the tangible or intangible attractions of cities. Tourism shaped base on the presence of historical, cultural-artistic attractions and one of the most attractive tourist places in cities are the facilities and structures builds around. Therefore, development of urban tourism and its wise management requires planning. In the meantime, citizens have a significant influence on this development, because in most of the metropolises of the world, in policy-making and management structures, in line with the processes of globalization, they want more participation and participation of citizens. This research aimed to identify useful factors of citizenship on urban tourism development in Yazd city. Using this survey among a selected sample of citizens of Yazd, using exploratory/confirmatory factor analysis method, extracting the components of citizenship. By naming the components and validating the structural model, the results indicate that citizenship components can be categorized into five factors, which explain 59.056 percent of the total variance. The importance of the citizen's duties factor is 31.579 percent of the variance compared to other factors, because citizens from Yazd, the components of citizenship duties can have the most significant impact in development of urban tourism. The factors of technology literacy targeted thinking, social participation and global consciousness are among other factors influencing the formation of the personality of citizenship.